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Why Do I need an X-Ray Taken at My Dental Check-up?

Why Do I need an X-Ray Taken at My Dental Check-up?

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Preventive Dental Care 16 Apr 2013

Alabama Family Dentistry offers dental x-raysDental X-Rays are a fast and efficient way for the dentist to really see what’s going on with your teeth. While they can identify cavities they also look at the bone below the teeth to determine if the bone level support is good. They also help your dentist find and treat dental problems early so they don’t become big problems that cost you a lot of money and possibly even cause tooth loss.

If you are a new patient your dentist will want to take an X-ray on your initial visit in order to establish a baseline record. A copy of the X-ray will be saved to compare with future visits. After that, the frequency depends a lot on your medical history and current condition. Typically you will want to have X-rays taken every 12 to 24 months unless there is evidence of dental disease or a history of extensive decay.

So, if you take good care of your teeth and are not cavity prone, you don’t necessarily need X-rays every year. If you have a lot of dental issues, you’ll likely need more X-rays than other people.

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