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What are Acton Road, Warrior and Gardendale Family Dentistry’s Options for Tooth Restoration?

What are Acton Road, Warrior and Gardendale Family Dentistry’s Options for Tooth Restoration?

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Tooth Restoration 16 Apr 2013

Acton Road Family Dentistry and its partner practices, Warrior Family Dentistry and Gardendale Family Dentistry, provide restoration dental services…But what exactly are those options and what do they entail?

Commonly known as “fillings”, dental restoration is the repair of a damaged or decayed tooth, restoring it back to its normal shape, appearance and function. The names of the materials that are used to repair damaged teeth are often included in the name of the restoration process. Below are examples of the options dental patients have when they trust one of the three Birmingham area practices of Alabama Family Dentistry.

Amalgam Restorations

What are amalgam restorations?

  • An amalgam is an alloy or combination of two or more metals.
  • Amalgam fillings (silver fillings) are made up of mercury, powdered silver and tin.

What happens during amalgam restorations?

  • The decayed areas are prepared by undercutting and shaping an area that will hold the fillings in place and maintain the life of the the fillings.
  • The combination of metals are mixed and then slotted or “packed” into the prepared areas of the tooth/teeth.
  • The fillings harden and replace the missing tooth substance once the amalgam restoration is completed.

Bonding or Composite Restoration

What are composite restorations?

  • Composite restorations are fillings made of a plastic tooth-colored resin material and are commonly referred to as white or plastic fillings.

What happens during bonding / composite restorations?

  • Bonding is the actual process of fusing the filling material to the tooth…The filling “bonds” or “sticks” to the tooth.
  • The plastic tooth-colored resin material is placed into the cavity in layers until the tooth is restored to its original form and then an ultraviolet light is used to harden the material.
  • Once “bonded” the composite material is hard wearing and can even be chewed on immediately after the restoration is finished.

Inlay Restorations

What are inlay restorations?

  • An inlay is a prefabricated solid filling that is specially prepared for a particular tooth’s cavity.
  • Most inlays are made of gold or tooth-colored porcelain.

What happens during inlay restorations?

  • An impression of the prepared cavity is taken using an elastic material.
  • The unique impression is then sent to a dental technician who will craft the inlay accordingly.
  • The inlay is then cemented into the particular tooth that it has been made for.

Crown or Replacement Crowns

What are crowns or replacement crowns?

  • A crown replaces the natural crown of a tooth when a significant portion of the original crown of a tooth has been damaged.
  • Crowns may be made of porcelain, gold or a combination of the two materials and some crowns are made of acrylic.

What happens during crown procedures?

  • The tooth’s crown is trimmed and made an even level.
  • An impression is taken of the prepared tooth
  • The dentist sends the impression to the dental technician who will make the replacement crown.
  • Once made the newly crafted crown is cemented onto the tooth.
  • Crowns can also be made for healthy teeth, when they form part of a bridge and when new crowns can be used to improve the appearance of a tooth.

Restorations are partial or complete reconstructions of damaged teeth that allow for a patient’s smile to be rejuvenated! Using these various tooth restoration services allows for Alabama Family Dentistry’s Birmingham partner dentists to restore or replace lost tooth structure, multiple teeth, and even oral tissues. Contact Acton Road Family Dentistry, Warrior Family Dentistry or Gardendale Family Dentistry for more information on their dental services today!

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