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It’s Important To Quickly Take Care Of Sensitive Dental Implants

It’s Important To Quickly Take Care Of Sensitive Dental Implants

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Tips 17 Mar 2014

illustration of a dental implantWhen a dental professional restores a person’s teeth using implants, they remove all the pulp and ligaments that attached the old teeth to the jawbone. Pulp and ligaments are what make people’s teeth sensitive to heat and cold; when they are removed, patients shouldn’t experience sensitivity. If they do, the sensitivity is not coming directly from the teeth; the pain comes from somewhere else.

Implant tooth sensitivity isn’t a good sign. If you are experiencing pain, make sure to head over to your dentist’s office as soon as you can. It is important to take care of the problem before it turns into a major issue. If left untreated, the sensitivity can turn into an infection.

Tooth pain can occur when a person’s implant is failing; it can also occur from cement induced pericementitis. In either case, bone around the implant can dissolve. If a person doesn’t take care of the problem quickly, they risk causing permanent damage to their jawbone. It’s easy to take care of an implant when it’s done as soon as the pain starts, but undergoing surgery later on can be painful and expensive.

The best action to take when combating implant tooth sensitivity is to remove the implant quickly; a reputable professional from Alabama Family Dentistry can remove the implant while preparing the area for a future replacement. This allows patients to replace their implants easily; they don’t have to take multiple trips to prepare the area where the implant goes.

If a patient is experiencing cement pericementitis, it is important that they undergo surgery that removes residual cement from the gums; if not properly removed, the cement can cause gum inflammation and infection. When a patient goes to their dentist in the early stages, they may be able to remove the cement without removing the implant. If they wait too long, the implant always needs to be removed; therefore, it is important that the patient sees their dentist as soon as they notice the pain.

There are some harmless causes of sensitivity that can easily be remedied. Local gingival infections around the implant can cause pain and sensitivity. The professionals at Alabama Family Dentistry can gently clean the base of the implant and the gums around the implant; along with antibiotics, this treatment will stop the spread of the infection. If the antibiotic treatment doesn’t work after a week, the patient may be required to undergo implant removal.

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