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Alabama Family Dentistry | Oral Cancer Screening: Call Alabama Family Dentistry Today

Oral Cancer Screening: Call Alabama Family Dentistry Today

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Oral Cancer Screening: Call Alabama Family Dentistry Today

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Preventive Health Care 30 Jun 2017

Oral cancer screening is a preventative measure to help detect any issues. According to WebMD, screening is used to detect cancer at an early stage and before there are any symptoms. In truth, when cancer is found at an early stage it is a lot easier to treat. On the contrary, once symptoms appear the cancer has already had a chance to spread.

Oral cancer screening is an exam done by a physician or dentist who searches for cancer and precancerous conditions in your mouth. The main objective is to pinpoint cancer at its early stage of growth. Many dentists routinely do a screening during regular dental visits. However, some dentists recommend additional testing to locate any abnormal cells.

Higher Risk

Oral cancer screening helps detect precancerous lesions and mouth cancer at an early stage. In actuality, this is when lesions or cancer are the easiest to remove. Although there is no research that proves oral cancer screening can saves live, numerous specialists recommended screening. On the other hand, studies show that people at high risk greatly benefit from screening. Dynamics that can increase your risk of getting oral cancer include:

• A history of oral cancer
• Heavy and excess alcohol use
• Excess sun exposure (lip cancer)
• Any kind of tobacco use e.g. cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff and chewing tobacco

A Simple Procedure

Oral cancer screening is a simple procedure that takes little time. Generally, the screening is done during a routine dental appointment. It is best to make an appointment at a clinic such as Alabama Family Dentistry. That way there are qualified dental specialists available that can do a thorough testing.

Once at the appointment, the dentist will check for mouth sores and red or white patches. Using gloves, the dentist will also feel the mouth tissues for lumps and irregularities. Depending on the dentist, other testing can be done such as in diagnostics.

Alabama Family Dentistry

If you suspect that you have any type of oral cancer, it is best to schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible. At Alabama Family Dentistry we can help you with any question or concerns that you may have about oral cancer screening.

In addition, you can be rest assured that you will receive the best and most advanced treatment available. In truth, the general and cosmetic dentists at Alabama Family Dentistry have been providing extraordinary dental care since 1998.

For consultation or to schedule an appointment, contact any of our four locations in the central Alabama area; Fultondale, Birmingham, Sumiton and Warrior.

Note: This article is not intended to take the place of any type of professional dental advice. Please contact a physician or a dentist at Alabama Family Dentistry or a dentist in your area if you have any concerns or questions about oral cancer screening.

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