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How to Care for Your Dentures

31 Aug 2017 Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Tips

What benefits have you enjoyed since wearing dentures? In addition to your lovely smile, it’s likely you can bite and chew with greater ease. As a result, your digestion may be better. Your speech may also be clearer. To ensure a long life for your…

Back to School: Dental Checkup

16 Aug 2017 Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Care for Children

If you are a parent who lives in the Birmingham area, you understand the importance of getting your child prepared for the upcoming school year. Visiting the dentist for a checkup should be a top priority. This will help detect any underlying issues that need…

Porcelain Veneers: Unparalleled Smile Enhancement

28 Jul 2017 Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Cosmetic Dentistry

You may want to consider porcelain veneers if you have misaligned, broken, chipped, discolored or irregular shaped teeth. Many specialists agree; they are a great way to disguise minor imperfections and various cosmetic dental problems. In addition, porcelain veneers offer unparalleled smile enhancement. Porcelain Veneers…

5 dangers of dry mouth

31 May 2017 Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dry Mouth

Feeling parched? Need a refreshing drink? We are all familiar with that sensation of mouth dryness that occurs with thirst on hot days or after a workout. Dry mouth, however, is a state of profound mouth dryness that persists despite adequate hydration. This medical condition is…

Painful Tooth Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

28 Apr 2017 Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Tips

Tooth sensitivity, also known by the fancier name dentin hypersensitivity, affects millions of people. Most sufferers feel the most discomfort when they drink or eat something very hot or very cold. Tooth sensitivity can be caused by receding gums or the erosion of tooth enamel,…

7 Behaviors that Put Your Gums at Risk

15 Apr 2017 Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Preventive Dental Care

Although you practice good dental care such as brushing after every meal, flossing and visiting your dentist regularly, there are certain behaviors that can put your gums at risk. In fact, according to WebMD there are some dental habits that can be quite harmful. Eating Certain Foods…