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Alabama Family Dentistry | New Year’s Resolution: Flossing More!

New Year’s Resolution: Flossing More!

New Year’s Resolution: Flossing More!

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Tips 17 Jan 2014
photo of woman holding dental floss

Did you know that the health of your mouth reflects the overall health of your body? The new year is a good time to form a new healthy habit!

Are you aiming for a healthier smile this year? Maintaining the health of your teeth is important for a variety of reasons. For instance, did you know that the health of your mouth reflects the overall health of your body? While our team at Alabama Family Dentistry can provide preventative and restorative care for your teeth, setting your own preventative oral care routine will help maintain a healthy smile. One of the best strategies for preventative oral care is flossing more.

For many people, it is difficult to add this strategy into their daily routine. If you can remember it at least each time you brush your teeth, you will be helping to protect against cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis. These diseases can be prevented, in some cases, with special attention to your teeth. Once these diseases develop, however, they cannot be ignored and restorative care becomes necessary to stop the progression of symptoms. Making the commitment to floss more this year can save you time, money and pain.

Sometimes, people remember it on a regular basis, but they don’t remember to do it correctly. Flossing your teeth correctly and completely is crucial to keeping your teeth healthy. Make sure you are reaching all of your teeth, not just the visible teeth in the front. Food and bacteria accumulate between all of your teeth, contributing to cavities and the other diseases mentioned earlier. Be sure to completely clear any sediment that is present between the teeth. Then, carefully scrape the sides of your teeth. Make sure you are cleaning to the base of each tooth. If you are completely and correctly cleaning your teeth, you are helping combat against dental disease. Plus, you are helping to keep your smile beautiful!

Also, help your family by setting an example. If your spouse and/or children see you flossing, they will be more likely to do the same. Young children shouldn’t be left unattended, but your older kids can easily incorporate it into their daily routines. Your entire family can enjoy better oral health by committing to floss more this year!

This year, keep your smile healthy. A thorough dental care routine will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If you would like to see a demonstration on how to properly floss your teeth, the staff at Alabama Family Dentistry would be more than happy to help you at your next appointment!

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