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Alabama Family Dentistry | How To Prevent Damaging Your Crowns

How To Prevent Damaging Your Crowns

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How To Prevent Damaging Your Crowns

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Tips 15 Nov 2016

Dental crowns, also referred to as caps, protect and restore the appearance of damaged teeth. While intended to be durable, crowns themselves can also become damaged if not properly cared for. A look at some of the most common causes of damage will help illuminate the techniques to prevent damage to dental crowns.

Injury and accidents

Although true accidents cannot be prevented, activities such as contact sports that include a high-risk of injury to the face or mouth inherently include a risk of damage to dental crowns. Be sure to wear a custom-fitted mouth guard for any such sports or activities.

Wear and tear

Any avoidable cause of excess wear on the teeth, such as nail biting, should be stopped as it additionally places caps at risk of wearing-down prematurely. Avoiding other causes of excess strain on the teeth, such as night-time tooth grinding, may require assistance. If relaxation techniques fail to put an end to such behaviors, be sure to use a night-time mouth guard. Consider orthodontic work, if needed to align a bite that is causing uneven wear on the teeth.

Crunching and chewing

When food becomes lodged between teeth abutting a crown, avoid using a toothpick, as this can loosen dental crowns. Hard and sticky foods can also pose a risk of damage and breakage to even natural teeth. This risk is increased for dental crowns. Avoid biting and chewing foods such as hard raw vegetables, hard candies and sticky taffies.

Brushing and flossing

Even if caps serve to protect further damage to the teeth, they can only best do so when good oral hygiene is also practiced. The plaque and tartar that can accumulate on the gums can also work its way under a crown, further damaging the tooth. Be sure to maintain good oral hygiene practices such as gentle daily brushing, flossing and regular dental visits.

Searching and selecting

The best way to make sure that a dental crown can withstand the challenges of regular wear and tear is to carefully select the type of cap materials and the professionals who will be applying them. Be sure to research the features of all available types of *dental crowns* and seek a professional’s insight with regard to your specific dental care needs.

While this article is intended to be informative, it cannot replace professional medical advice. Contact Alabama Family Dentistry to learn more about the restorative, preventative and cosmetic dental services available as part of a personalized dental care plan. Alabama Family Dentistry has four convenient locations in the Birmingham area – Warrior Family Dentistry, Acton Road Family Dentistry, Gardendale Family Dentistry and Sumitron Family Dentistry. Find out today how Alabama Family Dentistry can help create a smile that lasts.

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