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Alabama Family Dentistry | Get the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance Before 2017 Arrives

Get the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance Before 2017 Arrives

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Get the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance Before 2017 Arrives

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Insurance 30 Nov 2016

With just a few weeks left until January, 2017 arrives, it’s time to take advantage of your dental benefits before the year is up. Why not make the most of any services you may need before the calendar year runs out and your deductible is reset?

Dental Benefits To Take Advantage of Before The Year Is Out

Preventative Care

Most dental insurance plans cover two exams and cleanings per calendar year. Be sure to have your six-month cleaning and oral exam done by or before December 31, 2016. The importance of good oral hygiene cannot be overstated, and regular checkups and cleanings can prevent decay, disease and infections from escalating, and also prevent problems from occurring in the future.

During your oral exam appointment at one of four Alabama Family Dentistry locations, you may want to have X-rays performed so your dentist can determine whether any cavities are forming and if your bone level support is in good shape. It’s best to have your dental professional at Alabama Family Dentistry identify these and other potential issues before they become bigger and more expansive problems in the future.

If you have children in your family covered under your dental benefits, it’s a good idea to get fluoride treatments for extra protection against cavities.

Cavity Repair

It’s best not to delay having cavities filled in general. Even a small cavity can cause pain when chewing or drinking hot or cold liquids, and they can quickly develop into larger, more painful infections. If you have any pain or if your Alabama Family Dentistry professional notes the beginning of a cavity as evidenced in the oral exam or on an X-ray, why delay getting a filling? Think of how much more you’ll enjoy those holiday meals and cookies when your teeth are not longer aching!

Periodontal Disease

Disease of the gums may not display symptoms, but can be diagnosed during an oral exam at Alabama Family Dentistry, making a year-end preventative care exam that much more important. Checking for gum disease such as gingivitis during your exam can mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth.

Dental Surgery

Most types of oral surgery can be expensive. Dental insurance only covers perhaps 80% or less of most extractions, root canals and periodontal procedures. If your insurance deductibles have been met for the year and you need any type of procedure done, consider getting the work done before January 1, 2017.

If one or more of your teeth have deteriorated or abscessed beyond repair, you may need a tooth extraction. In order to avoid spreading infection and incurring complications, it’s best to have a tooth extraction done at Alabama Family Dentistry as soon as possible.

Root canal can be costly dental work that is only partially covered by insurance. It involves replacing a tooth’s pulp with a different material to clear out infection. Root canal can help you avoid a tooth extraction, saving your tooth and your smile.

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Make an appointment soon to take full advantage of your insurance before the end of the year. Alabama Family Dentistry has four convenient locations in the Birmingham area. Contact our friendly staff at either Warrior Family Dentistry, Acton Road Family Dentistry, Gardendale Family Dentistry or Sumitron Family Dentistry.

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