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Alabama Family Dentistry | Children’s Teeth and Dental Sealants

Protect Children’s Teeth with Dental Sealants

Protect Children’s Teeth with Dental Sealants

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Care for Children 27 Dec 2013

Alabama Family Dentistry in Birmingham, AL provides dental sealantsKids love sweets. Parents cannot always monitor their children’s diet with the healthy foods that will not do damage to their teeth. Protecting their teeth at this crucial time of their development is imperative to later dental hygiene and health. Steps to help keep children free from cavities are necessary for strong, healthy teeth.

Proper Dental Hygiene:

As soon as a child’s teeth begin to emerge, thorough brushing and cleaning of the smooth parts of the teeth is important. Using a soft brush on baby and toddler teeth will remove much of the food to keep the teeth clean. As children get older, they can participate and learn the right way to brush and floss their teeth, taking control of the cleaning ritual. Beginning a daily routine of brushing will encourage lasting dental hygiene practices throughout the child’s life. Introducing the child at an early age to a reputable dentist such as those affiliated with Alabama Family Dentistry lets the child acclimate to the procedures used in the dental office. This makes the experience much easier if a more complicated procedure is required later.

Dental Sealants:

One proven way to help prevent damage to teeth through decay is by applying dental sealants to children’s teeth. A sealant is just that – a plastic coating painted onto the tops of the teeth, usually the teeth subjected to the most chewing such as the molars and premolars. The sealant adheres onto the grooves and crevices to keep sticky food and plague from locking onto the tooth’s surface causing cavities. By protecting these hard-to-get places, the sealants prevent tooth decay. This procedure is particularly beneficial to children between 6 and 14 years of age.

The Application of Sealants:

The procedure of applying sealants is without pain and only takes a few minutes.

  • Teeth are cleaned thoroughly before the application.
  • Teeth are dried with cotton put around the tooth.
  • Acidic substance is brushed onto chewing surfaces to roughen the tooth so there will be a good bond to the sealant.
  • Teeth are rinsed and again dried.
  • Sealant is painted onto each tooth surface, bonding quickly and hardening on the tooth.

Keeping your child’s teeth free from decay is a lasting gift of love for your child. By applying tooth sealants, keeping teeth cleaned properly and choosing a reputable dentist at Alabama Family Dentistry, your child will have healthy teeth and a healthy smile.

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