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Alabama Family Dentistry | Candies to Avoid this Halloween

Candies to Avoid This Halloween

Candies to Avoid This Halloween

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Care for Children, Dental Tips 29 Oct 2014

Candy to Avoid, Birmingham, ALIt’s almost here – Halloween! The biggest candy binge night of the year. Alabama Family Dentistry wants you to know that it’s OK to indulge, but to still use a little caution as to what’s OK to put in your mouth, and what you should try to avoid.

Top 10 list of candies to avoid:

1. Starbursts – This is pretty obvious. Not only are they complete sugar and corn syrup, they also stick like crazy and a good magnet to pull out fillings and even crowns. If that’s not enough, figure in the synthetic food dyes and trans fats, and you’ve got a product that was perhaps made up in Frankenstein’s laboratory.
2. Caramels – including caramel apples. Any sticky candy is just the worst. Chewy candies get in the grooves of the teeth and it just stays stuck there. The longer the sugar stays on the teeth, the more potential decay can occur.
3. Sour Candies – They contain high acid levels which can break down tooth enamel quickly. Your own saliva slowly helps to restore the natural balance of the acid in the mouth. The dentists at Alabama Family Dentists recommends that patients wait 30 minutes before brushing after eating sour candies. If you brush sooner, you may be making the situation worse by brushing acid onto more tooth surfaces, increasing the erosive action.
4. Jaw Breakers – These are hard enough to chip your teeth!
5. Hard Candies – If you suck on these for a long time, you’re drenching your teeth in sugar!
6. Candy Corn – Sugar laden that produces acid that can eat away at your teeth.
7. Gummy Bears – They’re called “gummy” because they stick to the teeth right at the gum line and allow the bacteria in your mouth to feast leisurely on the deposited sugar. Bacteria burns sugar to make acid, which dissolve the protective layer of tooth enamel and causes cavities.
8. Pixy Stix – Those soda straws filled with powdered candy (powdered sugar). Needless to say, you are pouring sugar with synthetic food dyes.
9. Candy Bars – These delicious goodies are one of the heaviest and most un-healthy kinds of Halloween candy you can put in your mouth as well as your body. They’re jam-packed full of sugar and calories. Four miniature Snickers bars contain 18 grams of sugar and 170 calories.
10. Bubble gum or candy coated gumballs– Gum may not stick to your teeth, but this kind of Halloween candy stays in your mouth for a long time and is chock-full of sugar. While you chew, your teeth are being bathed in continuous sugar.

The dentists at Alabama Family Dentists in Birmingham, Gardendale, Warrior and Sumiton advise you all to have “Happy Halloween”. However, they advise you to enjoy your treats, then put them away and brush soon after. It’s a great time for families to emphasize good dental hygiene habits.

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