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Alabama Family Dentistry | Be Confident with Your Smile

Be Confident with Your Smile

Be Confident with Your Smile

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Preventive Health Care 17 Aug 2015
Smiling is Easy With Regular Visits and Preventative Dental Care at Alabama Family Dentistry

Smiling is Easy With Regular Visits and Preventative Dental Care at Alabama Family Dentistry

There are many reasons why we may not feel like smiling when we feel less than upbeat. Someone dented your car in the parking lot, your kids wouldn’t get dressed for school, no one liked the casserole you spent hours making for dinner, your best white suit shirt has a big stain on it and your meeting starts in 30 minutes… The list is endless. But smiling has been proven to make powerful and beneficial internal and external changes to you as well as affecting others around you in a positive way. It’s just plain good for everyone. And we mean honest-to-goodness smiles that reach your eyes.

Having a great smile helps you want to share it with others. Alabama Family Dentistry, with 4 locations in central Alabama, is the right place to get your smile white, clean and healthy. Alabama Family Dentistry shares reasons why you should show those pearly whites on a daily basis. Even when you don’t feel like smiling, cracking just one leads to another, and another, and suddenly things just are better. That’s the power of an Alabama Family Dentistry smile.

Benefits of Smiling

Smiling Can Improve Your Mood. Our facial expressions have been found to do more than communicate our current mood. They have also been found to influence our mood. Recent studies have found that a person’s mood begins to align more strongly with the emotion his or her face is communicating. A smile can enhance positive emotions, and even help suppress negative ones.

Even Originally Apprehensive Smiles Can Transform Into Real Ones. Even if a smile is forced at the outset, it only takes the act of smiling for a brief period of time to experience its benefits.

Smiling Helps Reduce Stress. This is important. Smiling has been proven to reduce stress, release endorphins and raise dopamine levels. And we all know how stress-induced hormones can negatively affect our physical and mental health.

Smiling Makes You More Approachable, Productive and Creative. Smiling makes people come across as more likable and friendly. Interactions with smiling folks make people happier with their overall experience. In a work environment, smiling makes you appear more competent as well as boosting productivity. Positive people also take a more comprehensive approach to problem solving.

A Smile Makes You Seem More Trustworthy. For some reason, a smiling person appears more trustworthy than one who is either frowning or holding a neutral expression.

Smiling Actually Retrains Your Brain for the Better. When you make smiling a part of everyday practice, it helps our brains create happiness loops around negative defense mechanisms, actually encouraging more positive-thinking patterns.

Smiles are the Only Contagious Thing You Want to Catch. When you smile at someone, even people you don’t know, most will reciprocate a smile after you share one. That makes you feel even better.

Smiles May Strengthen the Body on a Cellular Level. Smiling reduces the rigidness of cells, helping combat the risk of stress-induced cell mutations that can lead to illness and disease.

Be Proud to Show Off Your Smile

Smiling is perhaps one of the few things these besides hugs and puppies (or kittens) that are free and are an all-around mood booster. So flash your smile with confidence every chance you get. Scheduling regular dental cleanings and preventative dental care exams at one of our Alabama Family Dentistry offices is an important part of developing smile confidence. Our Acton Road Family Dentistry, Sumiton Family Dentistry, Warrior Family Dentistry, and Gardendale Family Dentistry – providing comprehensive dental care for patients in Birmingham, Gardendale, Warrior, Sumiton and central Alabama communities, provide the dental care services necessary to promote a healthy, clean and vibrant smile everyone at every age can be proud of. If the color of your teeth is holding you back from your smile potential, we offer ZOOM!Whitening for whiter, brighter teeth.  Now go out and take advantage of your potential to create happiness with that smile.


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