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Alabama Family Dentistry | Back to School: Dental Checkup

Back to School: Dental Checkup

Close up photo of boy having his teeth cleened

Back to School: Dental Checkup

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Care for Children 16 Aug 2017

If you are a parent who lives in the Birmingham area, you understand the importance of getting your child prepared for the upcoming school year. Visiting the dentist for a checkup should be a top priority. This will help detect any underlying issues that need to be treated. Here is what to expect during a routine dental checkup.

Teeth Cleaning

Alabama Family Dentistry recommends getting your child’s teeth cleaned at least twice a year. It is a painless process that promises to brighten their smile. Remember, even brushing twice a day can’t remove as much cavity-causing bacteria as a professional cleaning. A dental hygienist will use special scrapers to remove built-up plaque and tartar. After this procedure, your child’s teeth will be polished and flossed to help prevent future problems. The hygienist can also provide valuable tips on how to take care of your child’s teeth at home.


The main purpose of a dental checkup is to evaluate your child’s oral hygiene. The dentist will be looking for common issues such as tooth decay and gum disease. Because some children love to eat candy and other sweets, finding a cavity is not uncommon. In fact, the Division of Oral Health reveals that tooth decay is among the most prevalent childhood conditions. A future appointment will be scheduled to fix this problem. The alignment of your child’s teeth will be examined as well. In some instances, an x-ray may be required. If the dentist uncovers that some of the teeth are not lining up correctly, braces may be advised depending upon the child’s age.

Check Mouth Guards

A lot of children like to play sports. Alabama Family Dentistry finds mouth guards to be extremely effective at preventing oral injuries. However, developing children may need to have their mouth guard replaced more often. A dentist can check the mouth guard to ensure that it fits properly.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Dental Checkup

Horror movies often depict dentists as scary people who are known for terrorizing their patients. In reality, dentists are professionals who only want the best for your child. Not only are dentists extremely gentle, but they also know how to make children feel comfortable and relaxed. A dental checkup is certainly nothing to fear.

Alabama Family Dentistry is proud to serve everyone in the Birmingham area. We provide more than just back-to-school dental checkups. From sealing cavities to tooth extractions, our office offers a wide variety of different services. If you have any questions, the staff at Alabama Family Dentistry will be more than happy to help.

Please note, this blog is not meant to take the place of professional dental advice. Be sure to call Alabama Family Dentistry or a dental practice in your area with questions.

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