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Alabama Family Dentistry | 7 Tips If You Are Afraid of the Dentist

7 Tips To Help You Get Over Your Fear of the Dentist

7 Tips To Help You Get Over Your Fear of the Dentist

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Tips 04 Apr 2014
Be at ease at Alabama Family Dentistry

Alabama Family Dentistry wants you to be at ease during your dental appointment.

The dentist is generally not most peoples’ favorite place to go, even though the results are so beneficial to appearance and general health. If you’re one of the people who deals with the fear of going to the dentist, you can try these tips to help you get the dental care you need for your optimum health and well being.

1) Go With Someone Who Isn’t Afraid

Simply having a calm and unconcerned presence allows some people to “mirror” this behavior in themselves. When this is done, repeatedly, the fear of dental visits diminishes naturally.

2) Have A Distraction While In The Chair

If your dentist does not distractions such as music or videos available, load your iPod with some new music that will keep your interest while you are undergoing the procedure.

3) Know Exactly What Will Be Done

You can alleviate the fear of the unknown by discussing what will be done in detail with your dentist before starting. Ask as many questions as you like until you feel satisfied that you have an understanding of what will occur.

4) Discuss Anesthetics With the Dentist

Find out the type of anesthetic your dentist has available and how well it is likely to work in your procedure. If you have any problems with anesthetics, mention these to your dentist.

5) Learn Some Relaxation Techniques

Learning meditation techniques or deep breathing techniques can help you to relieve the stress of being in the dental chair.

6) Have A Way To “Signal” the Dentist

Often, the lack of control while in the dental chair can increase anxiety levels. Talk to your dentist in advance about a signal you can use to let him or her know about pain you are experiencing or if you simple need a short break.

7) Get Some Psychological Counseling

If trying these tips does not help to reduce your fear of going to the dentist, it may be time to consult a psychologist to deal with anxiety issues and fears about loss of control. A psychologist can help you to explore the reasons for your heightened emotional state. In some cases, medication to reduce anxiety can be helpful.

Alabama Family Dentists can help you feel more at ease while having dental procedures done. Please contact our office for more information and let us know of any worries you have about visiting the dentist.

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