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Alabama Family Dentistry | Wedding Smiles as Bright As the Ring

Wedding Smiles as Bright As the Ring

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Wedding Smiles as Bright As the Ring

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Tips 25 May 2016

Now that wedding season is upon us, it’s time to be prepared for photo taking at every turn. Having a great smile should be the icing on the cake. Alabama Family Dentistry, with 4 convenient locations in the central Alabama area, shares these tips to help you flash a picture-perfect smile for every occasion this summer season. We have lots of options to make sure your teeth look their very best – whether it’s for your special day or you’re enjoying someone else’s celebration.

Brighten and Whiten: A Zoom!Whitening treatment is the perfect start for a smile to be proud of. Tooth whitening is available at any of our dental offices. It’s a great option because it offers the most safe and effective treatments to whiten your teeth several shades in one 45-minute appointment. If you can’t squeeze in a Zoom!Whitening visit, try our clinical strength customized Philips Zoom Take-Home trays whitening system instead.

Maintain with Touch-Ups: After all the effort you put into making your teeth as pretty as ever, you can use whitening pens to keep them looking their best.  They are great for touch-ups to ensure your smile stays bright white between treatments. With just two applications per day, it is great for light stain removal and touch-ups, and can deliver optimal results in 15 days.

Women – Choose Flattering Makeup Colors: The right shade of lipstick can make teeth instantly appear whiter. Bright red, cherry red, rosy pink, and bright berry colors are the best choices. Avoid lipstick colors with blue undertones because they can bring out yellow in your teeth. Using a light bronzer can also help make teeth appear brighter.

Practice Your Pose: Have someone else take the pictures – selfies necessitate position adjustments that are different than for regular shots. First, relax your face. Then, smile gently, maintain good posture, tilt your head back and your drop your chin down slightly. It also helps to turn your head at a slight angle to the camera. Adjust as necessary to make the most of your eyes too. Try breaking into a smile effortlessly to make it look natural. Some people have one side that seems to photograph in a more flattering way. Practice your smile in the mirror to feel more confident for when the cameras start clicking.

Wipe Stains Away: If you’ve been drinking red wine, gently wipe away wine stains on your teeth and lips with a damp napkin before picture time. Swish water around in your mouth if available.

Strike Your Pose: Ready, set, SMILE!!

Don’t forget, a healthy smile is a beautiful smile! Make sure to schedule regular dental exam and cleaning visits at any of our 4 convenient offices in Birmingham, Gardendale, Warrior and Sumiton to keep your smile ready for a close-up.


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