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Alabama Family Dentistry | The Benefits of Dental Mini-Implants

The Benefits of Dental Mini-Implants

The Benefits of Dental Mini-Implants

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dentistry Conditions, Tooth Restoration 20 Jan 2014

Dental implant technology has been steadily developing new techniques over the past few decades, and the newest technology of mini-implants offer some great benefits to patients. When dental implant technology was first developed it offered many benefits, but the procedure was complicated and expensive. In addition, not everyone who could afford implants was a good candidate because of bone health issues or their age.

The much smaller implants eliminate most of these problems simply because they are much less invasive than the original implants. The traditional, larger implants required the dentist to expose the jawbone by cutting away gum tissue before drilling a large hole to accept the implant. The larger implant required several months to allow the bone to fuse to the implant before it was secure enough to for the patient to eat normally. The small implant can be screwed tightly into the jawbone in one procedure, and is stable enough for the patient to eat normally within just a few hours.

The advanced technology of small implants make it possible for patients with insufficient bone to receive an implant with very little risk of complications. Since only a small pilot hole is required for the implant to be screwed into the bone, the procedure requires only a local anesthetic. The result is a much shorter healing time with minimal discomfort.

Most insurers cover very little or none of the cost of dental implants, so the considerably lower cost of the small implants make the procedure more available to many people. The original implants typically required multiple visits over several months, but these small implants require only the initial planning visit followed by an appointment to install the device. The average cost of the mini-implants is approximately one-third the average cost of traditional implants.

  • Procedure is less painful
  • Accelerated healing time
  • Much less expensive
  • Minimal complications
  • Fewer dental appointments are needed
  • Mini-implants often appropriate for elderly patients

Anyone wanting to know more about the procedure and cost of this latest development in dental implant technology should contact Alabama Family Dentistry if they live in the area. Alabama Family Dentistry are professionals in this latest field of dentistry, and they can advise new patients about choosing the best procedure to treat their dental needs.

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