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Alabama Family Dentistry | Little Teeth, Big Smiles

Little Teeth, Big Smiles

Little Teeth, Big Smiles

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Dental Care for Children 17 Feb 2014

Alabama Family Dentistry offers dental care for children

February is Children’s Dental Month

February is children’s dental month and a good time to remember the importance of the proper care of little teeth. When children’s teeth get proper care and attention, many problems with the teeth and jaw are avoided when they reach adulthood. Preventative dental care from Alabama Family Dentistry is important for any age, but all dental care is preventative for young children. Here are some tips to help make children’s dental care easier.

Visit a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists are trained and qualified for treating children, especially for their first visit to the dentist’s office. They have the same training as other dentists but have additional training to make a child’s visit less traumatic. When a child has a good first impression of visiting the dentist, it can have a huge impact on the rest of their life. At Alabama Family Dentistry we offer a welcoming and warm demeanor to everyone, especially when the little ones come for a visit.

Treatments for Children

It is recommended that children have their first dental appointment at around two and a half years old. If there is any baby bottle tooth decay, they may come in earlier. They should get check-ups at least twice a year after that. Dentists can treat cavities, give fluoride and sealant treatments, and recognize if there is any indication of future crowding of teeth in order to recommend braces if necessary.

Advice for Parents

Pediatric dentists will help parents understand their concerns about thumb sucking or pacifier use. They will help parents learn how best to instill good oral hygiene habits in their children, teach about nutrition for strong teeth and answer questions about mouthwash use for children, the importance of baby teeth and what to do if the child knocks out a permanent tooth. Children’s dental month is the best time to visit a pediatric dentist for parents with young children.

Baby teeth need good care as they provide space and guidance for the adult teeth. They help the jawbone grow properly and allow for good digestion through proper chewing of food. Decay in baby teeth can lead to problems in the permanent teeth and premature loss of baby teeth could result in the necessity of a mouth appliance to keep the space where the permanent tooth will erupt. Call today or visit an Alabama Family Dentistry office to learn more about children’s oral health or to schedule an appointment.

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