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Alabama Family Dentistry | How to Choose a Mouthwash

How to Choose a Mouthwash

How to Choose a Mouthwash

Posted by Alabama Family Dentistry in Preventive Dental Care 30 May 2013

Various Mouthwashes At Alabama Family Dentists, we tell all of our patients that good daily hygiene habits consist of brushing and flossing. Additionally, adding mouthwash into the mix is a great idea. Mouth cleansers kill bacteria in the mouth and freshen breath. However, there are several different types of mouthwashes to choose from.

Most normal mouthwashes are in the cosmetic category. They rinse out the remaining food remnants left in the mouth after flossing and brushing. They also freshen breath for a short period of time. These basic mouth cleansers do not combat bacteria as well as some stronger brands. This type of mouth cleanser is okay for those who take good care of their teeth and just want to boost the freshness in their mouth. They do not fight decay and are fairly inexpensive.

Next is the antiseptic variety of mouthwash. These mouthwashes are stronger than the basic mouth cleanser and fight decay and plaque along with freshening breath. There are several types of antiseptic mouth cleansers. Some have more chemicals to fight plaque than others. Depending on how bad your teeth need bacteria and plaque fighting forces, you might select a stronger strength. Your Birmingham dentist at Alabama Family Dentist can help you with this decision.

Last but not least, some mouth rinses are enhanced with fluoride. Of course, these contain extra fluoride to help strengthen the teeth. This type of mouth rinse is best for people concerned about tooth decay. The fluoride will strengthen the tooth enamel.

Mouth cleansers should never be considered an alternative for flossing and brushing. Even though some of the antiseptic versions are very strong, they only enhance the brushing and should never replace it. Furthermore, some of the chemicals in antiseptic mouthwashes can cause problems over time such as staining teeth and wearing them down. Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing an antiseptic mouthwash.

Using a mouth rinse is only one component of good dental hygiene along with flossing and brushing. If you do not keep your teeth clean, you will probably run into problems such as cavities. Cavities can result in bigger problems later if not treated. Perhaps most importantly, always consult with one of our Birmingham area dentists before using a new mouthwash.

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